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Simulate Application Denial

Simulate Credit Adverse Action Decline

For Credit Card Products, regulation requires you to provide Adverse Action (AA) reason(s) to the Account Holder within a specified timeframe when an extension of credit is DENIED. Adverse Action reasons are assigned and associated with each rule within your Product's credit policy and are populated based on the rules which failed in the credit decision. For example, if your credit policy has a rule that the Annual Business Revenue provided in the application must be greater than a specified amount, the application may be DENIED with the AA reason of "Income insufficient for the amount of credit requested."

Opening an Application on a Credit Card Product in the Test environment allows you to test various Adverse Action reasons on a DENIED response by providing specified values on the legalBusinessName and/or annualRevenue inputs when creating the Business Account Holder. The annualRevenue and legalBusinessNamevalues will be used when you create an Application for the Card Product for the Business Account Holder.

In the Live environment, a DENIED Application may have 1 or many associated AA reasons which must be provided to the customer.

FieldValueAdverse Action Response
annualRevenue$1.00 INSUFFICIENT_INCOME Income insufficient for the amount of credit requested
annualRevenue$2.00DELINQUENT_CREDIT_OBLIGATIONS Delinquent past or present credit obligations
legalBusinessNameDECLINEUNABLE_TO_VERIFY_IDENTITY Unable to verify identity

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