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Card Products

Card Products Overview

Card Products are an umbrella for Applications, Financial Accounts, Payment Cards or Bank Accounts, and Transactions. Account Holders may apply for multiple Products.

In the Live Environment, Products are configured by the Highnote Team.

In the Test Environment, Highnote offers several self-serve Product Verticals. Your vertical has implications for Identity Verification, Spend Controls, and how the Payment Cards may be used.

Create a Card Product

Creating a Card Product is only available in your Test Environment. The Highnote team will work with you to tailor and create your Card Product for your Live Environment.

Adding a Card Product is the first step to issue Payment Cards to your Account Holders. These Card Products hold the configuration and Spend Control Rules for all Payment Cards issued within the product.

Single-Use Payment Cards

Card Products must define their usage type when created. If a Card Product is defined as a single-use card, all Payment Cards issued will only be valid for one transaction.

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