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Simulate Transactions


Transactions can be simulated for different merchants, amounts, and countries, which lets you test a full range of Authorization Controls - including Spend Rules, Velocity Controls, and Collaborative Authorization.”

Simulated authorizations go through the same logic as authorizations from card networks such as Mastercard and Visa. Any failing Spend Control Rule, card data, or Account Holder data will trigger a decline. Each decline will populate a declineReason for more insight into why a transaction failed.


Clearing can happen with an authorization or in batches after an authorization is approved. Once a transaction is cleared the money is removed from a particular spendAccount. To simulate clearing in two steps you can use the simulateClearing mutation. You're able to capture transactions for amounts under and over the original authorization.

Authorization & Clear

Some transactions include authorization and clearing in a single message.

Reverse an Authorization

When an authorization is not yet captured, the authorization can be reversed. The act of reversing an authorization makes the funds used for the authorization available to the Account Holder once more.


Refunds can be simulated for transactions that are cleared. You can refund any amount up to the full amount of the original transaction. Refunds not linked to a previous transaction cannot yet be simulated. When you call the simulateRefund mutation you will receive a ClearingEvent in response. It is not possible to simulate a refund authorization currently.

Simulating a refund results in a new transaction with its own id and transactionEvents.

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