Issuing Overview

What is Issuing?

Highnote Issuing is a card issuing solution built on the most modern card platform.

With Highnote Issuing, you have the benefits of:

  • Creating and managing customizable payment cards, including virtual cards, physical cards, and tokenized digital cards.
  • Controlling and optimizing authorizations with spend rules and velocity controls.
  • Tracking money movement and balances with the integrated ledger.
  • Highnote’s GraphQL API and SDKs, which enable your team to bring a card product to market quickly.

Highnote empowers you to own your card program with end-to-end card program management. Highnote can help you launch your card program without the hassle of managing compliance and operations. Our in-house compliance and operational teams manage Know Your Customer and Know Your Business (KYC-KYB), regulatory compliance, transaction monitoring, daily reconciliation, settlement, and more.

Key Concepts

The Highnote API Reference contains comprehensive resources for creating and managing your card program. The following concepts are the key components for all card programs built using Highnote’s Issuing platform:

Account holderA person or business issued or provided use of a payment card or financial account connected to a card product.
Card productRepresents your card program, including applications, financial accounts, payment cards, bank accounts, and transactions.
Financial accountAn account defined to represent funds available for use by, or owned by, a Highnote account holder.
Financial eventAny event that affects the balance of a financial account, including non-transaction events.
LedgerA financial account's record of financial account activity.
Payment cardA card, other access device, or account number connected to account holders under a card product.
Transaction eventAn event resulting from the use of a payment card.

Issuing Process

Card products are customizable and each card program may look different. In general, the Issuing process occurs as follows:

  1. Create a card product and customize it to fit your needs.
  2. Onboard account holders using an application on your app or website.
  3. Once an account holder's application is approved, create a financial account for them.
  4. Issue the account holder a payment card.


Quick Start Templates

Highnote’s card issuing platform provides you with the flexibility to create a card product that fits your needs. Using one of Highnote’s Quick Start Templates, you can jumpstart your card program with easy-to-use guides. The following templates are supported:

  • Consumer and Commercial Debit
  • Consumer and Commercial Charge
  • Secured Commercial Charge
  • Fleet
  • AP Automation
  • Consumer and Commercial Prepaid
  • Payroll

Next Steps

Use the following steps to create an account and review Highnote’s getting started content:

  1. Create an account and explore the Dashboard.
  2. Learn about the Highnote API.
  3. Test the API.
  4. Learn about the Highnote SDKs.
  5. Create your card product and prepare for launch.

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