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The Highnote API generates data that can be presented through the Dashboard, providing an easy-to-use interface for card product management and customer support.

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Test and Live Organizations

To switch between Test and Live Environments, click the Environment drop-down from the Dashboard and select your desired environment:

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Capabilities are actions that team members can perform in the Highnote Dashboard. The following sections provide a list of capabilities, information on who can manage them, and the context in which environment each capability can be performed.

Core Capabilities

Any team member can manage core capabilities. All core capabilities can be performed in the Test Environment. Note the following for performing core capabilities in the Live Environment:

  • Create a Card Product - In the Live Environment, Highnote will set up your card product for you.
  • Open an Application - Your account holders must open their application from your app or website to ensure they accept the terms.
CapabilityTest EnvironmentLive Environment
Create a Card Productapproved-icon.svg✖️
Create an Account Holderapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Update an Account Holderapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Open an Applicationapproved-icon.svg✖️
Check Application Statusapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Issue a Financial Accountapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Issue a Payment Cardapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Activate a Payment Cardapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Suspend a Payment Cardapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Reissue a Payment Cardapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Close a Payment Cardapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg

Physical Cards

Any team member can manage Physical Cards. All Physical Card capabilities can be performed in the Test and Live Environments.

CapabilityTest EnvironmentLive Environment
Order Physical Cardapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Cancel Physical Card Orderapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Check Physical Card Order Statusapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Create Group Physical Card Orderapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Add Payment Card to a Group Orderapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Remove a Payment Card from a Group Orderapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
View Group Order Statusapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Cancel a Group Orderapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg

Digital Wallets

Any Dashboard team member can manage Digital Wallet Tokens. Note the following for performing Digital Wallet capabilities in the Live Environment:

  • Simulate Token Provisioning & Activation - Token Provisioning and Activation involves adding a digital wallet to a compatible device and activation. In the Live Environment, your account holders must add their cards to their personal devices.
CapabilityTest EnvironmentLive Environment
Simulate Token Provisioning & Activationapproved-icon.svg✖️
Suspend Tokenapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Unsuspend Tokenapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Terminate Tokenapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg

Funds Movement

In the Live Environment, your Account Holders will need to connect their own verified external bank accounts via Plaid or Finicity user experience flows and your account holder's will often need to initiate their own funds movements.

CapabilityTest EnvironmentLive Environment
Connect Verified External Bank Accountapproved-icon.svg✖️
Transfer from an External Bank Accountapproved-icon.svg✖️
Transfer to an External Bank Accountapproved-icon.svg✖️
Schedule Transfersapproved-icon.svg✖️
View Transfersapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Cancel Transfersapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Transfer from Product Funding Balanceapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Transfer to Product Funding Balanceapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg

Authorization Controls

Admin team members can fully manage Authorization Controls in the Dashboard. All Authorization Control capabilities can be performed in the Test and Live Environments.

CapabilityTest EnvironmentLive Environment
Create Spend Ruleapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Update Spend Ruleapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Attach Spend Ruleapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Detach Spend Ruleapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Create Velocity Controlapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Attach Velocity Controlapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Detach Velocity Controlapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg

Events and Notifications

Admin team members can fully manage Events and Notifications in the Dashboard. All Event and Notification capabilities can be performed in the Test and Live Environments.

CapabilityTest EnvironmentLive Environment
Create Notification Targetapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Replay Delivery Attemptsapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Rename Notification Targetapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Delete Notification Targetapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg

Collaborative Authorization

Admin team members can manage Collaborative Authorization in the Dashboard. Note the following for using Collaborative Authorization capabilities in the Live Environment:

  • Enable Collaborative Authorization - The Highnote team must enable the feature in the Live Environment.
CapabilityTest EnvironmentLive Environment
Enable Collaborative Authorizationapproved-icon.svg✖️
Register an Endpointapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Activate an Endpointapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg
Delete an Endpointapproved-icon.svgapproved-icon.svg

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