Highnote Overview

Before You Start

Highnote’s issuer processor platform combines everything you need to issue cards, support your customers, and stay compliant. The following guide provides a high-level overview of Highnote’s Getting Started content. We recommend reading each section to learn more about the Platform and practice using the Highnote API.

What is Highnote?

Highnote is a modern card issuance platform that provides card issuing and complete end-to-end card program management. We enable businesses to create and manage payment cards, including virtual cards, physical cards, and tokenized mobile payments.

Partnering with Highnote relieves you of significant compliance and operational requirements. These include KYC-KYB, regulatory compliance, transaction monitoring, cardholder support, physical card printing and shipping, setting up BINs on a choice of card networks and sponsor banks, daily reconciliation and settlement, and seamless money movement between the bank accounts.

Test and Live Environments

Before you get started, it's essential to understand the two environments available on the Highnote Platform. Environments contain your card products and all related elements and allow you to build your integration and test the API:

  • Test Environment: This environment helps you build your Highnote integration with the GraphQL API, simulates capabilities and transactions, and is a great place to train your team on using Highnote.
  • Live Environment: This environment is for actively issuing payment cards and running transactions with your launched card product. The Live Environment provides an easy-to-use interface to support your live card products.

As you proceed through the getting started content, you will learn more about each environment and have the opportunity to interact with each one.

Getting Started

Use the following steps to create an account and review Highnote’s getting started content:

  1. Create an account and explore the Dashboard.
  2. Learn about the Highnote API.
  3. Test the API.
  4. Learn about the Highnote SDKs.
  5. Create your card product and prepare for launch.

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