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Issue Cards

Prerequisites to Issue Cards

  1. A Highnote Account
  2. An API Key, the API Explorer or the Dashboard
  3. An Account Holder with approved Application

Issue a Financial Account

Once the application is approved, you can issue a financial account with the APPLICATION_ID of an approved application. The financial account will hold the funds for cards issued against the account.

Issue a Virtual Card

With the financial account ready, you may issue a payment card. Cards are virtual by default and can later be upgraded to a physical card.

Activate a Card

payment-card-status-diagram.svg If you choose not to activate cards on creation, you can provide an experience for your account holders to activate their card from your app or site. Cards must be activated before you can set the required PIN.

Set a PIN

Cards must have a PIN set after they are issued. This allows access to ATMs and/or receive cashback at checkout. The card must be ACTIVE in order to set the PIN.

For web-based integrations, Highnote recommends you set the PIN with the Secure Inputs SDK.

For iOS and Android based integrations, you can securely set a PIN from the API with a Client Token.

Next Guide: Print Physical Cards

With a virtual card issued, we can now work to print it as a physical card.

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