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The Highnote team will assist you with creating card profiles and sets during implementation.

Card profiles allow you to manage the elements that collectively control the look, feel, and performance of payment cards issued through your card product. Using card profiles, you can define how payment cards appear and behave in digital wallets, within your application, and in person. In addition, card profiles track the approval process required by the bank and payment network for issuing payment cards. For an overview of the card ordering process, see the Card Ordering Process guide.

Highnote offers three types of card profiles:

  • Physical card profile
  • Digital card profile
  • Virtual card profile

Card profiles are packaged together in card profile sets, which are then assigned to card products. When you issue payment cards, you may utilize the default card profile set assigned to your card product or specify the card profile set you wish to apply. The card profile set you choose drives the physical, virtual, and digital card designs.

To create a card profile, you must first submit your card art files to Highnote. Once the Highnote team receives your card art files, they will work with you during implementation to create your card profiles and assign them to a card profile set.

Card Profile Sets

After creating card profiles, you can create a card profile set. Card profile sets allow you the assign a card profile to a card product. A card profile set cannot be applied to more than one card product.

Find Card Product Card Profile Set

Use the following query to find a specific card product's card profile set:

Find All Card Profile Sets

Use the following query to find all card profile sets across your organization:

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