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Display Cards and Balances

Display a Card

You have several options for displaying a payment card in your application.

  • For web-based applications that want to show the full card information, including card number and expiration, you can use the Card Viewer SDK.
  • For iOS and Android-based integrations, you can securely retrieve and display card details from the API with a Client Token.

Use the following query to View a Payment Card:

Display a Balance

Balances are held in the ledgers of the Financial Account a payment card is issued against.

You can query against this Financial Account and get back a set of ledgers. The types of ledgers returned vary by the product vertical, for example, Consumer Debit vs. Commercial Charge. The available-to-spend balance is most commonly represented in the AVAILABLE_CASH or AVAILABLE_CREDIT ledger.

Use the following query to find a Financial Account and display a balance:

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