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Print Cards in Bulk


  1. A Highnote account
  2. An API Key, the API Explorer or the Dashboard
  3. A virtual card

Create Group Physical Card Order

Group Orders require some additional steps compared to an Individual Physical Card order. You need to:

  • Create a Group Order
  • Add Payment Cards to the Group Order
  • Complete the Order and send it to the Vendor for printing

To begin create a Group Order while passing in a Product ID. Highnote’s platform will generate a Group and pass back a Group ID which you will utilize to add Payment Cards and complete your order. When the Group Order is first created, it will have a status of NEW.

Add Cards to a Group

The maximum number of cards you may add to a single Group Order is 500.

After creating your Group, you can add Payment Cards to the Group Order. You may specify a card personalization value or leave it blank with no personalization for all cards. If your card mailer includes address information for each card, you may also supply the data when adding each Card to the Group.

Complete the Group Order

Once you have added all Payment Cards to your Group, you can complete the Group Order and Highnote will send the Group Order to your chosen card printer. The cards will be packed in individual envelopes with card carriers in one shipment to the destination set on the Group Order. As with individual orders, Highnote sends a Notification to you when the Group Order ships. At this point, the Group Order will have a SENT_TO_PRINTER status.

Remove Payment Card from a Group

If you need to remove a specific Physical Card from a Group before submitting the Order, you can cancel a Payment Card's Fulfillment and remove the Physical Card from the Group Order. A Physical Card Order can be canceled exclusively when both the card and the group order are in the NEW state.

Canceling a Group Order

If you need to completely cancel a Group Order, you may cancel the Group and each Physical Card Fulfillment associated with it. Orders can be canceled exclusively in the NEW state. This allows you to cancel printing and shipment in the event a mistake was made.

Note: If you need to edit attributes such as shipping address, you will need to create a new Group Order.

Find a Group Order

You may use a node query to find Group Orders.

Find Cards in a Group Order

You may use a node query to list the Payment Cards included in a Group Order.

Simulate Group Order Fulfillment

In the Test Environment, Physical Cards are not actually shipped when a Group Order is created and the shipment does not auto-transition through the Order states. While building your integration, you can manually transition the Group Order through the shipment process from both the API and Dashboard and simulate transitioning the Group Order through statuses of SENT_TO_PRINTER, APPROVED, SHIPPED and SHIP_FAILED.

Send to Printer

Once you have completed a Group Physical Card Order, it will have a status of PENDING. You can then transition it to SENT_TO_PRINTER.

Approve Shipment

Once the Group Order has been SENT_TO_PRINTER, you can approve the Group Order and change the status to APPROVED.

Ship Order

For an overview of group order shipping methods, see Shipping Methods.

Group Orders with a status of APPROVED may be transitioned to SHIPPED and will return the shipping method, and if available, tracking number.

Fail Order

To design your system to handle failed Group Order shipments, you can simulate a status of SHIP_FAILED.

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