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Build a Transaction Feed


  1. A Highnote account
  2. An API key or the API Explorer
  3. A card product, financial account, and payment card
  4. Optional - Real or simulated transactions

Financial account activity

Financial account activity is recorded in the Highnote ledger. To build a transaction feed for your account holders, you can query a financial account to return its account activity and associated ledgers. Building transaction feeds against a financial account ensures financial account activity carries across all payment cards associated with the financial account.

Note the following when querying for financial account activity:

  • For financial accounts with no activities: The Highnote API returns four specific ledgers, CASH, AVAILABLE_CASH, CREDIT_OUTSTANDING, AVAILABLE_CREDIT.
  • For financial accounts with activities: The Highnote API only returns ledgers that have at least one activity on them.

Use the following query to return financial account activity:

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