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Digital Wallets


Tokenized cards are provisioned to digital wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet. Before a Card Product may be utilized with a digital wallet, you must work with Highnote to ensure all aspects of the program are in order, properly formatted, and approved to facilitate tokenization by the issuing bank and the payment network.

General Guidelines

Card Art controls how your tokenized card will appear in digital wallets, and the Payment Networks maintain separate standards in addition to general guidelines.

  • Digital wallet providers will round corners of Card Art and Icon images. Do not round the corners of these images as it will result in “double rounding”.
  • Only absolute pixels, not the image resolution (e.g., 72ppi), are relevant.
  • Card Art should represent the physical card, but it must not be an actual picture of a physical card.
  • Do not include shading or any three-dimensional elements in your tokenization assets.
  • Card Art must not include any of the following variable elements (not even examples):
    • Cardholder name
    • PAN
    • Expiration date
    • Labels describing embossed/printed attributes
    • Representations of magnetic stripe or EMV chip contacts
    • Static pictures of dynamic elements such as holograms

Design Guidelines



  • PNG (up to 3MB) file type
  • RGB color format
  • 1536 x 969 pixels



  • SVG (up to 1MB) or PNG (up to 3MB) file type
  • RGB color format
  • 1372 x 283 pixels



  • PNG image
  • RGB color format
  • 100 x 100 pixels

Mastercard Guidelines

Product Identifier

For the Commercial Debit Product the card art must contain the "business debit" identifier.


Visa Guidelines


Card Art

The image must contain the issuing bank, the network, and your company logo. This is the image that will be displayed on the wallet.

  • PNG format
  • 1536 x 969 pixels


The icon appears in notifications from the digital wallets.

  • PNG format
  • 100 x 100 pixels

Colors (Visual Appearance Keys)

Submit these in CSS-style RGB format (e.g. rgb(23, 122, 235)).

  • Background color is used when no background card art is available.
  • Foreground color is used values such as the PAN and other variable elements.
  • Label color controls how labels for variables will appear (e.g. “Expiration Date:”)

Company Information

Provides key contextual information to your customers.

  • Terms and Conditions
    • Full text in .txt format
    • URL to access full text
  • Privacy Policy
    • URL to access full text
  • Contact Name - the name of the issuing bank
  • Long Description - used for display in digital wallets
  • Short Description - used for mobile device notifications
  • Customer Service Contact Information
    • Your company’s Customer Service phone number
    • Your company’s Customer Service email address
    • Your company’s Customer Service website URL



Colors must be submitted in hex code format for Mastercard and as a CSS-style RGB triple (e.g. rgb(23, 122, 235)) for Visa.

  • Background color is used when no background card art is available.
  • PAN text color controls how the number appears over the background.
  • Card Description color controls how the description appears in the digital wallets.

Terms and Conditions

  • URL to access full text

Privacy Policy

  • URL to access full text

Customer Service Contact Information

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website URL


Following approval and authorization, Highnote will work alongside you to test your tokenized card before production. The testing process involves tokenizing whitelisted cards with each wallet provider you plan to support to ensure the tokenized cards and notifications appear as desired.


After successful testing, you are ready to launch your tokenized card and enable digital wallet access for your customers!

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