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Manage Disputes

Disputes & Chargebacks

When an Account Holder believes that they did not receive the goods and services they paid for, they may dispute the amount of a Clearing Transaction Event. Card networks, such as Visa and Mastercard, have strict rules and timing associated to responding and investigating disputes. It can be difficult to keep track of these rules and monitor activity on a Payment Card or Financial Account for potential fraud.

Highnote provides you with a Disputes Intake team that:

  • Handles dispute intake directly from your Account Holders
  • Manages requesting and receiving supporting documentation from your Account Holders
  • Investigates claims from your Account Holders
  • Files Chargebacks for a given Clearing Transaction Event
  • Provides direct support to your Account Holders on the status of the Chargeback
  • Issues Provisional Credits while the Chargeback is being investigated
  • If the Chargeback is won, pushes funds back to the Payment Card/Financial Account
  • Monitors and maintains regulatory requirements and timelines

As a part of the overall Disputes process, Highnote also provides monitoring and reporting back to the sponsor bank on your behalf.

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