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Transfer between Financial Accounts


You can transfer funds between Highnote accounts in real-time. Transferring funds between Highnote accounts can be used for various use cases. For example:

  • To offer reward redemptions, you can transfer funds from your product funding account to an account holder's financial account.
  • You can set up intra-company transfers between financial accounts for the same business account holder.
  • You can enable peer-to-peer transfers of funds from one account holder's financial account to another.

To enhance funds transfer management and organization, Highnote offers transfer purposes. For available transfer purposes, see TransferStatus in the API Reference.

Initiate Transfers between Financial Accounts

Use the following mutation to initiate transfer between financial accounts:

Check Status of Internal Transfer

You can query and display the status of internal transfers between financial accounts. The InitiateTransferBetweenFinancialAccounts mutation has the following statuses:

PENDINGThe platform is currently validating and executing the transfer.
COMPLETEDThe platform has completed the transfer.
FAILEDThe platform was not able to complete the transfer. See Failed Status Values for more information.

Failed Status Values

If a transfer returns a FAILED status, it returns a statusReason code, with one of the following values:

Status Reason CodeDescription
ACCOUNT_CLOSEDThe associated account is closed.
ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUNDThe account was not found.

Use the following query to check the status of an internal transfer:

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