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Move Funds Out of Highnote


Your account holders can move funds out of their financial account using both originated ACH and non-originated ACH.

Transfer Methods

Cancelation periods configured for your Card Product and/or Risk and Compliance reviews can impact transfer timelines.

The following table outlines the different transfer methods that can be used to move funds out of Highnote, as well as each transfer method's associated timeline and cost:

Transfer MethodTimeline
Originated ACH3-5 business days
Originated next day ACH1-3 business days
Originated same day ACH1-2 business days
Non-originated ACH3-5 business days

Cutoff Times

Originated ACH transfers have specific cutoff times for processing. Initiating a transfer after the specified cutoff time may result in additional processing time.

  • Originated next day ACH: If a transfer is initiated before 4 PM EST, it will be processed by the bank the following business day. If initiated after 4 PM EST, the transfer will be processed two business days from initiation.
  • Originated same day ACH: If a transfer is initiated before 2 PM EST it will be processed by the bank same day. If initiated after 2 PM EST, the transfer will be processed the following business day.

All originated ACH transfer methods have a required three business day hold period once the transfer has been initiated and is processing.

Find the Financial Account ID

To retrieve a financial account ID, you can query using an application ID as an input variable. The financial account ID is also available in the dashboard when viewing a financial account.

Financial Account ID Test.png

In the Live Environment, you can use the financial account ID for originated ACH Transfers. For financial account with the DirectDepositDetails feature, you may also use the virtual account and routing number for non-originated ACH transfers.

Use the following query to find a financial account ID:

Move Funds to an External Account with Originated ACH

You may want to allow your account holder to withdraw funds via originated ACH from a Highnote financial account to an External Bank Account.

Once an external bank account has been connected, use the following IDs as input variables in the InitiateFundsWithdrawalACHTransfer mutation:

  • toFinancialAccount: Financial account ID of the external bank account
  • fromFinancialAccount: Account holder's Highnote financial account ID

Move Funds to an External Account with Non-Originated ACH

If financial accounts for your card product have the DirectDepositFinancialAccountFeature enabled, your account holders can use their virtual account and routing numbers to add their financial accounts to third-party services such as banks or payment apps. From these third-party services, your account holders may initiate withdrawals and move funds out of their financial account associated with your card product.

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