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Collaborative Application Decisioning


Note: Collaborative application decisioning is self-service in your test environment. In the live environment, the feature must be enabled for your card product by the Highnote team.

With collaborative application decisioning, you or your underwriter can make a recommended decision of APPROVED or DENIED for applications of your product based on your credit policy. Highnote will conduct regulatory checks on the application, including KYC, KYB, and OFAC, and use your recommended decision to arrive at a final decision. Highnote also allows for customization of the sequencing of application decisioning calls and rule execution to fit your product and credit policy.

This guide assumes that you or your underwriter provide a recommended decision after identity and fraud checks are run by Highnote.

Enable collaborative application decisioning

In the live environment, the Highnote team will enable this feature for you. To request access to this feature, contact support@highnote.com.

Use the following mutation to enable collaborative application decisioning in the test environment:

Receive a decision request

Note: You must set up notification targets to receive notification events. For more information, see Notifications.

After an application is submitted to Highnote, you will receive the underwriting decision requested notification event. This notification event requests an underwriting decision from you or your underwriter.

The following payload is an example of the notification event you will receive:

Example notification event payload

After receiving the event notification, Highnote waits for your response to the underwriting decision.

Approve request

To approve a collaborative application decision request, you must respond with the credit limit decision. If you are unsure about the initial credit limit during the underwriting decision, you can assign a credit limit of $0 and adjust it on the financial account later.

Use the following mutation to approve a collaborative application decision request:

Deny request

When you deny a decision request, the overall application is DENIED and you must provide applicable adverse action reason(s) based on your credit policy. If a decision is not received within 30 days from the application creation date, the application status will transition to DENIED.

For a complete list of adverse action reasons, see the API Reference.

Use the following mutation to deny a decision request:

Respond with a counteroffer

Note: If you provide a counter offer, you still must provide the adverse action reason(s) for the denial of the card product the account holder originally applied for.

If an account holder’s creditworthiness does not qualify them for the card product they applied for, you can offer them a counteroffer to an alternative product. For example, you may want to provide a counteroffer to a secured credit card instead of an unsecured one. For more information on Highnote's secured deposit feature, see Create Secured Deposit Offer.

If the account holder wants to accept the counteroffer, you can provide their consent of the accepted offerId to onboard them to the alternative card product. Once an account holder accepts a counteroffer, they can receive a financial account.

Use the following mutation to respond to a denied credit application with a counteroffer:

Check application status

After an application decision is made, the application will be marked as PENDING while Highnote makes a final decision. To keep track of application status updates, you can use the GetAccountHolderCardProductApplication query or subscribe to the application status events notification to get notified when the application’s status changes.

Use the following query to check the status of an application:

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