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Find Variable Interest Rates


  1. A Highnote account
  2. A credit card product with the variable interest feature enabled
  3. Access to the GraphQL API, API Explorer, or Dashboard


Highnote supports variable interest rates for credit card products. Highnote provides updated prime rates as necessary, and it is your responsibility to reflect accurate interest rates to your account holders. Highnote calculates APR by using the sum of the prime rate and the margin you provide. The prime rate used when calculating your APR reflects the Wall Street Journal's Prime Rate, published on December 25th, March 25th, June 25th, and September 25th. Updated rates take effect at the beginning of the next billing period: January, April, July, and October, respectively.

Prime Rate Update Schedule

Refer to the following table for a breakdown of rate update schedules and effective dates. The example column shows two example statements, using an increase of 8.5% to 9.75%:

Rate update scheduleEffective dateExample
December 25thJanuary 1stDecember 20th to January 19th statement: 8.5%, January 20th to February 19th statement: 9.75%
March 25thApril 1stMarch 20th to April 19th statement: 8.5%, April 20th to May 19th statement: 9.75%
June 25thJuly 1stJune 20th to July 19th statement: 8.5%, July 20th to August 19th statement: 9.75%
September 25thOctober 1stSeptember 20th to October 19th statement: 8.5%, October 20th to November 19th statement: 9.75%

Lookup Credit Plan Interest Rate

When creating a credit plan in the live environment, the Highnote team configures your interest rate. You can use the following query to find your interest rate and interest policy on a credit plan:

View Interest Rate on Application

An interest rate is assigned during the account holder card product application process. You can use the following query to view the interest policy and rate to display them to your account holder:

View Interest Rate on Financial Account

The financial account of an account holder displays their credit plan and interest rate. You can use the following query to view the interest rate on a financial account:

View Credit Card Financial Event

You can find statement IDs and credit plan details by looking up a credit card transfer event. Credit card transfer events display interest activity, allowing you to build an interest activity history view for your cardholders. Use the following query to view a credit card financial event:

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