As Digital Payments Rise, It’s Time to Expect More From Your Card Issuance Partner

Sep 22, 2021
Highnote Team

Consumer demands around frictionless payments and personalized card experiences have left merchants and acquirers scrambling to keep up; unfortunately, it is often their card issuance partner that is holding them back. Hampered by slow implementation times, inflexible integrations, and limited transparency and reporting, they are demanding a faster and more seamless way to issue physical and virtual cards and get them into their customers’ hands.

Cardholders have been vocal about what they value most in the card experience:

  • More than 75% of global consumers now use some form of contactless or digital payment (Mastercard)
  • 79% of consumers are more likely to join a customer loyalty program that doesn’t require them to carry a physical card (Wilbur)
  • 87% of consumers are willing to have their activity tracked if it leads to a more personalized rewards (Hubspot)
  • At the same time, COVID-19 has brought on rapid digital payment adoption and significant consumer behavioral shifts.

Taking all of this into consideration, merchants and acquirers that want to secure and remain top of wallet with their customers can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines. They must be willing to redesign their card programs to match consumer expectations.

The problem is that card issuance and management has a lot of complexities that impact the end-user’s experience. Merchants and acquirers need the flexibility to design customized card programs, yet legacy card issuing platforms stifle innovation by catering only to their larger customers with the resources to manage their card programs in-house.

Fortunately, there is a way to reduce the complexity of card issuance and still preserve a true-to-brand customer experience.

At Highnote, we believe that delivering a world-class digital payment experience shouldn’t take months or years and be reserved only for businesses with the resources and technology stack to achieve it. All the building blocks of digital card issuance and management – from getting cards into customers’ hands, processing transactions, managing risk and reporting – should be accessible to anyone that is ready to capitalize on the digital payments trend. That is what we’ve built, as your next-generation card issuance partner.

We’ve built a card issuance platform that gives our customers the flexibility to quickly test, iterate and rapidly roll out the digital card experience they need in order to exceed their customer’s expectations:

  • An All-in-One Embedded Card Program Experience The entire digital card issuance and management experience takes place on the Highnote platform, from designing the cardholder experience using our complete set of API documentation to processing transactions (including all AML/KYC and PCI compliance) and detailed reporting for card program optimization.
  • Ledger as a Service for Greater Transparency What makes Highnote unique is that we give our customers full access to their transaction ledger, including real time balances for revenues, fees, customer accounts and available funds.
  • Clear, Concise and Transparent Pricing Core to our mission is the belief that you shouldn’t have to fork over higher interchange and processing fees to third-party platforms to deliver an exceptional digital card experience. We keep our pricing competitive, transparent and issuer-centric – we’re designed for businesses of all sizes!
  • Removing the Barriers to Innovation We’re developers at heart. We’ve built our entire issuance and processing stack from the ground up to give teams of developers the latitude to move fast and iterate alongside their customer’s needs.

It’s Time to Engage with the Most Modern Issuance Partner

Now is the time to ask yourself:* is my card issuance partner doing enough to help me deliver an exceptional customer experience?* If you’re not sure or ready to explore new possibilities, discover how Highnote can help you get to where you need to be.

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