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We offer fully customized pricing for businesses of any size, from startups to enterprises. Get the clarity for your business now, with the flexibility you need as you grow.

All Highnote products include:

Everything you need to run a card product

World-class developer experience

Constantly improving platform via feature updates

No hidden fees

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How Our Pricing Works

Our platform pricing is simple and straightforward. When you talk with us, we’ll give you exactly what fees you'll pay running your card product.

Interchange Split

Highnote splits the interchange on every transaction with you, we both win when your product is a success.

Transparent Partner Fees

We're clear about our third-party provider costs and pass the fees to you with clarity.

Clear Operating Fees

Highnote has simple operating fees for issuing cards and moving money on a per use basis. Only pay for what you use.

Make Money on Every Transaction

Every transaction on a card you issue generates interchange. We split that interchange with you, you get a percentage every time your card is used. Grow your revenue or put your interchange to work by offering rewards and incentives.

"Highnote’s unprecedented platform capabilities, business compliance experience, and customizability for both personal and business products mean we can develop tailored financial experiences that meet the holistic needs of one-person businesses. Launching our first financial product on their platform has made us even more excited to continue co-delivering on our ambitious product roadmap with speed and excellence."

Yasaman Hadjibashi CEO and Co-Founder

What's Included

Get all the features you need, right out of the box.

Full-featured GraphQL API

Highnote Dashboard for customer servicing

Roles and Permissions

Connect external bank accounts

Effortlessly move funds

Full ledger with real-time balances

Control authorizations with Collab Auth

Detailed transaction payloads

Data security via the Highnote Vault

Know-Your-Customer and Business

Physical, Virtual and Tokenized Cards

Spend rules and velocity controls

Custom card designs to fit your brands

Access to multiple shipping options

PCI Compliant SDKs

Detailed developer documentation

Full API reference & API explorer

Real-time notifications and webhooks

Manage repayments and billing statements

Customer and product support

Apple Pay and G Pay

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