Business Spend,
Built Better

Build and launch your corporate expense product with Highnote. Our powerful GraphQL API streamlines integration with your platform's services.

Support Complex Structures Without Complication

Highnote's flexibile account structures support the complexity of your customer's business. Design your product and move funds without limitations.

Create and query accounts directly from the GraphQL API.

Power experiences across both mobile and web apps.

Devote Yourself
to Differentiation

Highnote provides the payments and operational insights that remove complexity and open your roadmap to differentiate your product.

Automate business application reviews.

Control spend by categories and time periods.

Create ACH transfers to fund accounts, pay vendors, and issue reimbursements.

Empower Your Businesses

Help your customers by saving them time and money. Incentivize spend with rewards or cashback and help your customers close their books quickly.

The ledger gives you unmatched insight into your product's finances.

Design a rewards program that matches your business and customers.

Initiate and track employee reimbursements.

Available Credit
$9,000 USD
Credit Limit
$10,000 USD
Credit Outstanding
$1,000 USD
Credit Hold
$0 USD
Reward Points
1,500 PTS
Redeemable Reward Points
1,400 PTS


Highnote's next-level transaction processing gives you the speed, detail, and visibility to deliver a world-class corporate expense platform.

Make decisions quicker with unmatched processing speed and real-time transactions.

Tap into rich transaction data via direct connection to the networks.

Complete visibility into the full transaction lifecycle and participation in the authorization flow.

Merchant Name
Merchant Category
Merchant Code
Merchant Address
Merchant Description
Point of Service Category
PIN Entry Mode
PAN Entry Mode
Card Holder Present
Card Present
Terminal Attendance
Processing Type
Network Response Code
CVV Response Code

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