The future-proof, programmable payment product for AP Automation

Launching an AP Automation card product with Highnote redesigns your experience with card payments. Say goodbye to nightmares with manual reconciliation and limited data visibility. Upgrade to create flexibility, reliability, and scalability for your platform.

Flexible Control Mechanisms

Highnote gives your team visibility and control over spend management to unblock your invoice process.

Set dynamic spend rules based on merchant categories, currencies, spend value, and more.

Customize spend rules for different teams or payees.

Approve or deny transactions in real-time with collaborative authorization.

Built-in Ledger for Effortless Tracking and Reconciliation

With Highnote you get the industry’s most advanced ledger to save you the burden of building your own.

Track real-time balances on every transaction entry.

View data across all of your ledgers, including card balances, funds in transit, and available funds.

Gain visibility to the lifecycle of a payment from authorization to settlement.

Streamline your reconciliation and operational logistics as you scale.

Monetize Every Payment with Flexible Payment Methods

Complete payments online or in-person and capture part of the invoice with interchange split.

“We’ve been looking for a card provider that met the unique, complex, and fast-changing needs of our customers for some time. Not only that, but we also wanted a partner that felt as modern as the services that we are offering are. It was only when we tried Highnote that we were fully convinced this could be done. Their level of technical advancement and customizability puts them far above any other card issuer we’ve tried before.”

Jordan Xiong

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