Highnote Launches Card Program With Fluz

Dec 13, 2023
Jillian Smith

Today, we’re excited to announce that we have launched a game-changing card program with Fluz, a rewards platform that lets users leverage their social networks to earn cash back for an ever-expanding web of connections. Building on top of its existing platform for consumers, the Fluz corporate expense platform helps businesses of all sizes manage their expenses better. Whenever a business makes a qualifying purchase on the Fluz card, it can be rewarded cash back on that purchase. At the same time, the connected platform allows businesses to view, manage, and optimize their spend.

The Fluz card is a unique, complex payments use case, one that hasn’t really been offered before. Thankfully, Highnote was purpose-built to realize the most innovative money movement scenarios, and empowering people to pursue the impossible is what Highnote is all about. Unlike other payment platforms that tried to force Fluz into rigid parameters or sacrifice the pace necessary to market their business, Highnote delivered every feature Fluz required without compromising on the speed of implementation. Notably, Fluz managed to reduce the implementation time from the eighteen months experienced with a previous provider to just four months with Highnote.

“The Highnote team is a dream come true,” says Maurice Harary, CEO of Fluz. "Every single person we worked with was just a total rock star. I must commend them all for putting it together. In fact, without being asked, the head of our engineering team told me that the Highnote API was the best he had seen from every single vendor we dealt with. I am so excited to work with the Highnote team to build some amazing things together.”

So, how did our platform manage to support an innovative use case like Fluz? It all comes down to the unique features we crafted into the Highnote platform from the ground up. These include:

- Seamless Rewards Management: Using integrated point tracking in our advanced ledger, Highnote makes it simple for businesses like Fluz to design, manage, and track rewards programs that create loyalty.

- Streamlined Expense Tracking: Highnote's flexible account options support the complexity of Fluz’s customer's businesses. With our architecture, Fluz was able to design their product and move funds with ease.

- Clear Compliance: Adhering to security standards and compliance regulations, such as Know Your Business (KYB) checks and BSA/AML requirements, we made sure the Fluz card ensured the secure processing, transmission, and storage of all sensitive cardholder information.

- Instant Issuance: The entrepreneurs that make up Fluz customers need fast and easy ways to access their rewards. With Highnote’s instant issuance, we made it so that cardholders can create their account, generate virtual cards for multiple networks, and commence spending in less than five minutes.

“For a business owner, every dollar matters,” says John MacIlwaine, CEO of Highnote. “That’s why I’m so proud of what we have launched with Fluz. We’re tackling something that hasn’t been done before and setting a standard that will be tough for Fluz’s competition to replicate. Together, we’re combining the power of embedded finance with best-in-class, white-glove program management to create cash back at scale.”

Through the Highnote and Fluz partnership, we are pioneering a new era for businesses, aligning rewards with risk-taking purchases and providing a comprehensive platform for expense management. Using the power of unparalleled flexibility, a commitment to entrepreneurial success, and the collective abilities of some of the most experienced payments professionals on the planet, we’re charting a new course forward for companies launching interesting new payments concepts, and we’re happy to be there every step of the way.

If you’d like to see how we can build a modern card platform for your company, get in touch here.

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