Highnote Product Spotlight: Digital Wallet Tokenization, Velocity Controls, Upgraded API Explorer & More

Sep 1, 2022
Highnote Team

At Highnote, one of our core values is executional excellence. While we have built the world’s most modern issuer processor and program management platform, our team continues to develop new features and capabilities to enable innovators to differentiate. This is the first in our series of product spotlights that we will publish on a regular basis.

Digital Wallet Tokenization

Digital Wallet Tokenization is a capability that allows you to instantly add a tokenized card into a cardholder’s Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or Samsung Pay. With this capability, your users can immediately start using your cards at physical point-of-sale terminals where contactless payment is enabled. Read more here in our API docs.

Spend Rules

Spend Rules allow you to approve or decline a card transaction in real time, based on the business rules you set. You can stack different Spend Rules for modeling specific user spend behavior. For example, a Spend Rule could be set to decline all authorizations greater than $1,000 on a payment card. Read here to learn about what type of rules you can set.

Velocity Controls

An extension of Spend Rules, Velocity Controls allow you to set a time boundary on top of a Spend Rule. For example, a Velocity Control can be added to the Spend Rule example above, to decline any authorizations that exceed $1,000 in spend within a calendar week. Velocity Controls allow you to refine authorization decisions to combat fraudulent behavior or to budget spending. Read more about Velocity controls here.

API Explorer Upgrade

Highnote API Explorer automatically embeds an API key and provides crafted queries and mutations. This allows you to run queries directly in your test environment, without the need to set up a separate development environment to get started. You can start building and testing right upon login. Read our blog on our API Explorer upgrade here.

Group Shipping

With Group Shipping, you can request several physical cards at once. They’ll be packaged individually in your program’s customized card carrier and package and then shipped together in a single shipment to one location. Group Shipping allows you to pack a set of individual card orders into a single shipment and dramatically improves your logistics efficiency.

Interested in learning more about our products? Read our API docs here.

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