Highnote Product Spotlight: Simulate Fleet Transactions, Collaborative Application Decisioning, and More

Feb 28, 2023
Highnote Team

In the past month, our team has released an assortment of new features and updates. From Transaction Simulation for Fleet Card Products to Collaborative Application Decisioning for Credit Card Products, we continue to improve the customer experience for all our products. Check out some of our feature highlights below:

Simulate Your Fleet Transactions on our Dashboard

With our new update, now you can simulate fleet transactions and all the additional data provided during clearing on our dashboard. Unlike other Card Products, fleet transactions can require more interaction from the Account Holder, additional data from the merchant's point of sale, more complicated authorization flows, and enhanced data processing during clearing and settlement.

We provide a rich set of operations that allow you to simulate transactions and ensure your integration is ready to go Live. Sign in to your account and try it out.

Collaborative Application Decisioning

For our Credit Card Products, we’re excited to announce the Collaborative Application Decisioning feature. This feature empowers you or your underwriter to provide a recommended decision (approval or rejection) on applications based on your credit policy. Highnote will execute identity verification checks against the application, such as KYC, KYB, and OFAC, and utilize your recommended decision to determine a final application decision. Read our guide to learn more.

Expanded Transaction Response Code

We have expanded our API’s list of transaction response codes for more accurate and precise communications with your Account Holders during authorizations. You can share specific reasons for declining a transaction. For example, you can let the Account Holder know that their card is rejected because the card is expired or their purchase amount has exceeded the limit you have set.

Transaction Payload Update

We have significantly enhanced the Payment Card Transaction Events. We have updated simulations and Payment Card Transaction Notifications by including several new fields, including additional merchant details, approved amounts, and more.

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