Highnote Product Spotlight: Upgrade Your Fleet Cards with Highnote

Dec 14, 2022
Highnote Team

What Is a Fleet Card Product?

Highnote’s Fleet Card Product allows fleet owners and operators to issue payment cards funded from a financial account held by a business. Fleet cards allow companies or public sector organizations to purchase fuel and vehicle maintenance-related services.

Who Uses Fleet Card Products?

Businesses such as towing companies, delivery services, and appliance repair groups may utilize fleet cards to keep track of fuel costs, mileage driven, and maintenance schedules. In addition, public sector entities such as school districts and wildlife resource management departments may also benefit from fleet card usage.

Fleet cards are appealing to organizations of all sizes – from those with 2-5 vehicles to those managing hundreds. Fleet Card Products provide mechanisms to restrict purchases to fueling stations, designate cards to vehicles rather than persons, and report deeper transaction metrics.

Why Does the Current Fleet Market Require Changes?

As the US fuel card market continues to grow, fleet operators are increasingly demanding a brand-new fleet card infrastructure that optimizes their driver experience and propels business growth. However, legacy fleet card issuers, built on decades-old technologies, make it difficult to operate nimbly, unlock innovation, and build a differentiated fleet card experience.

Challenges with Using Traditional Fleet Products Include:

  • Rigid spend controls: Legacy providers can only offer controls baked into the EMV chip, making it difficult to add or update any transaction rules.

  • Constrained account structure: Modern fleet solutions demand complex account structures and hierarchies. Legacy fleet issuers either do not support account hierarchies or support limited structures that constrain scale and stability.

  • Lack of data reporting: Many current fleet solutions can only offer basic transaction data such as card number, transaction amount, and date of purchase. You have little insight into drivers’ spending behavior.

  • Limited physical card options: Legacy fleet solutions have difficulty providing flexible and innovative physical card design options, forcing you to deal with the painful vendor management process.

  • Complicated pricing: Existing providers often present you with perplexing pricing schemes with an assortment of fee items leaving you confused about what exactly you’re paying for.

Reimagine Your Fleet Card - Only with Highnote

At Highnote, we understand your frustration. That’s why we have developed our next-generation fleet product from scratch working directly with the card networks. Now you can reimagine your fleet and fuel card products with the Highnote Fleet Card Product:

  • Flexible Control Mechanisms With Authorization Controls:

  • Go beyond the purchase restrictions on the EMV chip and set dynamic controls to match your business needs

  • Manage spend rules based on fleet-specific parameters such as fuel type, merchant categories, spend value, and more

  • Dynamically set controls via GraphQL or apply them permanently to the EMV chip of physical cards

  • Customizable Hierarchy Structure: Create multiple accounts per account holder and issue multiple cards per account to handle intricate fleet solutions at scale

  • Rich Transaction Data Reporting: Meet the first-of-its-kind integration with the card networks to bring you enhanced authorization and transaction information including Level 2 and Level 3 data such as the type of fuel and the amount of fuel each driver has purchased

  • Create Data-Informed Reward Programs: Design a variety of rebate and discount programs to incentivize any specific purchase behavior based on high-quality transaction data

  • Abundant Physical Card Options

  • Choose from a variety of card options, from on-demand cost-effective cards to premium cards, with a comprehensive list of materials tailored to your unique brand requirements

  • Streamline large card orders through group shipping capabilities Manage card shipment logistics for individual and group orders with a few clicks

  • Prompting upon Purchase: Set the card to prompt for tracking information including driver ID or odometer during transactions

With Highnote’s bank-approved templates, you can launch much faster. We developed a streamlined onboarding flow for businesses and sole proprietors. You’ll also get compliance guidance and continued support post-launch to help you scale.

Read our Fleet Card Product API to learn more. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to talk to our team of experts.

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