Revolutionize Your AP Platform with Highnote's Flexible Funding Solutions

Jul 5, 2023
Highnote Team

One of the most common questions from prospective Highnote partners is, “How do I fund all of my customers’ issued cards on my Accounts Payable (AP) automation platform?” Highnote’s hierarchies, spend limits, and authorized users capabilities solve for even the most complex AP automation use cases. Let's take a look at a few examples of how AP automation companies can set up a card program on the Highnote platform.

Streamlining Card Program Funding

As discussed in our Flexible Funding blog, our Advanced Ledger capabilities are a core feature of the Highnote platform. It allows us to offer the ultimate in flexibility, and serve a wide variety of use cases. If you have an existing card program, you may have had to build your own Ledger capability, or contracted a third party to build one for you. If you have an existing Ledger and can manage your customers’ balances with it, our on-demand funding, coupled with collaborative authorization, allows you to seamlessly finance your card activities at Highnote. Say goodbye to complicated funding processes and streamline your card program with Highnote's innovative platform. The following graphic shows how this looks in practice:

Product Funding Account.png

On-demand funding coupled with collaborative authorization is the best way to preserve funds until the time of authorization. This level of flexibility means you can issue cards to Account Holders that do not carry a balance. And don’t have to commit funds before they are needed. Schedule payments in advance, confidently knowing that your funds are free to be utilized elsewhere until they are truly needed.

Efficient Account Funding

Use cases that include a combination of ACH payments with card payments will often use Highnote’s prefund model for account funding. By utilizing the prefund model, AP automation platforms can ensure their clients have the appropriate funds to issue ACH and card payments to their vendors. Our powerful API seamlessly integrates with your platform software, enabling smooth payment and reconciliation processes once invoices are approved.


Controlled Spending Made Easy

Highnote also offers solutions for AP automation use cases where one card is used repeatedly, with a spend limit. Our platform allows you to issue cards that are funded on-demand, while adhering to a cumulative spending limit. This empowers you to support customers who require controlled spending within a specified budget for a specific period, whether it's for supplies, ad spend, or other expenses.


These three funding models are just some of many examples of how the Highnote platform is “built for purpose” to support a wide range of embedded finance use cases . Using Highnote, AP automation firms can build modern solutions that fit the unique needs of their customers without having to add endless authorized users to funding accounts. We are setting a new industry standard by revolutionizing the way funding accounts are established, organized, and tracked. Ready to transform your AP automation payments experience? Contact us to learn about how Highnote can empower your business!

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