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Add Funds to an Account


Financial Accounts hold the balances for Payment Cards within Highnote. These accounts may be funded from a variety of sources and the method of funding is dependent on type of Card Product you have.

Product VerticalFunding Source
DebitOriginated ACH Transfers via an Account Holder's Verified External Bank Account or Non-Originated ACH
ChargeCredit Limit (Backed by your Product Funding Balance)
Secured ChargeSecured Deposits via an Account Holder's Verified External Bank Account
FleetCredit Limit (Backed by your Product Funding Balance)
AP AutomationNon-Originated ACH
PrepaidIntra-Highnote Transfers from your Product Funding Balance
PayrollExternal Payroll or Non-Originated ACH

Methods and Cost

Transfer MethodSpeedCost
Originated ACH3-5 business daysLowest
Originated Same Day ACH1-2 business daysLow
Non-Originated ACH3-5 business daysNo Cost
Intra-Highnote TransferInstantNo Cost

Originated ACH and Originated Same Day ACH have a required 3 business day hold period once the transfer has been initiated and is processing.

Find the ID of a Financial Account

To get the ID of a Financial Account, you can query with an Application ID. This ID is also available in the Dashboard when viewing a Financial Account.

In the Live Environment, you can use this same ID for Originated ACH Transfers. For Financial Accounts with the DirectDepositDetails feature, you may also use the virtual account and routing number for Non-Originated ACH Transfers.

Add Funds with Non-Originated ACH

With a Financial Account ID, you can simulate a Non-Originated ACH Transfer from an external bank account into a Highnote Financial Account.

Non-Originated Transfers do not require you to connect an external bank account.

Add Funds with Originated ACH

Originated ACH allows you to build an experience for your Account Holders to add funds to their Financial Account from your app or website. Your Account Holder will first need to connect a Verified External Account.

Once you have connected a Verified External Account, you will use the ID as the fromFinancialAccountId and the toFinancialAccountId is the ID of the destination Financial Account.

You can request the Transfer to use Same Day ACH by passing a boolean on the input.

Add Funds via a Secured Deposit with Originated ACH

Secured Deposits are exclusive to Secured Charge Products. We do not allow the creation of a Secured Deposit from the Dashboard in the Live Environment.

Secured Deposits require a transfer from a Verified External Account. Following Verification, you can use the ID of the Verified External Account and the Financial Account ID of the Highnote account.

Once the deposit is successful, this will set the credit limit for the Account Holder.

Load Funds from Product Funding Balance to a Financial Account

To load funds from your Product Funding Balance to be used via a Payment Card, you can move funds from your Product Funding Balance (source) to your Financial Account (destination).

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