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Card Transaction Activity Report


This report contains all card transaction event activities across all financial accounts for the organization.

Data Availability

Data for this report is available as follows:

  • Earliest available: 18 months from today
  • Latest available: One (1) day from today

Report Fields

Field NameData TypeDescription
created_atDateTime (ISO 8601: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)The date and time the transaction was posted to the financial account. Timestamped at the creation of the transaction record.
authorization_date_timeDateTime (ISO 8601: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)The date and time the transaction was first authorized on the financial account, if applicable.
platform_settlement_dateDateThe date when the transaction was settled on the platform, with a cutoff time of 8 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).
card_product_idStringUnique identifier for the card product.
card_product_nameStringName of the card product with the ledger entry.
account_holder_idStringUnique identifier for the account holder.
financial_account_idStringUnique identifier for the financial account.
payment_card_idStringUnique identifier for the card.
processing_network_codeStringCard transaction network. Possible values are VNT (Visanet), MCC (Mastercard Dual Message), MDS (Maestro Single Message), PUL (PULSE), MPS (Moneypass).
financial_event_idStringUnique identifier for the financial event.
financial_eventStringCategorizes the activity of the card financial event (e.g., AUTHORIZE_AND_CLEAR, REVERSAL, CLEAR , AUTHORIZE).
transaction_idStringTransaction lifecycle identifier. For example, two transaction events (AUTH and CLEAR) make up one complete transaction lifecycle so that both events will have the same transaction lifecycle identifier. Multi-clearing transaction events with different financial_event_ids will share the same transaction_id.
merchant_idStringIdentifier for the merchant.
merchant_category_codeStringMerchant Category Code (MCC) is a four-digit number in ISO 18245 for retail financial services. MCC is used to classify the business by the type of goods or services it provides.
merchant_nameStringThe merchant's name where the transaction occurred.
merchant_descriptionStringThe location where the transaction took place.
merchant_countryStringThe ISO3166 Alpha3 Country code representing the country where the card was accepted.
response_codeEnumThe Highnote response code.
avs_response_codeEnumCode representing the result of an address verification check.
postal_code_response_codeEnumCode representing the result of postal code verification check.
cvv_response_codeEnumCode representing the result of card verification value (CVV) check.
is_settlementBooleanA flag identifying cleared transactions to settle at the bank.
approved_amountDecimalThe amount of funds Highnote posts to the Highnote Ledger for each transaction event type. This appears as responseCode in the GraphQL response.
surcharge_feeDecimalThe amount of the fee associated with the posted_amount for each transaction event type.
requested_amountDecimalThe amount of funds requested for each transaction event type, not including the surcharge fee.
currency_codeStringThe ISO 4217 currency code representing the currency of the transaction.

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