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Fleet Enhanced Data Summary Report


This report contains all level 2 and 3 enhanced data sent by Visa and Mastercard for cleared fleet transactions. Report data can be obtained for a specific time period.

Data Availability

Data for this report is available as follows:

  • Earliest available: 18 months from today
  • Latest available: Current day and time

Report Fields

Field nameData typeDescription
created_atDateTime (ISO 8601: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)The date when the transaction was posted to the financial account.
card_product_idStringUnique identifier for the card product.
card_product_nameStringName of the card product.
account_holder_idStringUnique identifier for the account holder.
payment_card_idStringUnique identifier for the payment card.
payment_networkStringThe payment network: VISA or MASTERCARD.
financial_event_idStringUnique identifier for the financial event.
transaction_idStringTransaction lifecycle identifier. For example, two transaction events (AUTH and CLEAR) make up one complete transaction lifecycle, so both events will have the same transaction lifecycle id. Multi-clearing transaction events with different financial_event_ids will share the same transaction_id.
network_transaction_idStringThe payment network’s unique transaction identifier.
merchant_category_codeStringMerchant Category Code (MCC) is a four-digit number listed in ISO 18245 for retail financial services. MCC is used to classify the business by the type of goods or services it provides.
merchant_idNumberIdentifier for the merchant.
merchant_nameStringThe name of the merchant where the transaction took place.
merchant_descriptionStringThe merchant name and locations where the transaction took place.
requested_amountDecimalThe amount of funds requested for each transaction event type.
requested_amount_currency_codeStringThe currency code for requested_amount.
approved_amountDecimalThe amount approved from the authorization for the transaction.
approved_amount_currency_codeStringThe currency code for the approved_amount.
total_posted_amountDecimalThe amount that Highnote posts to the Highnote Ledger for each cleared transaction event.
total_posted_amount_currency_codeStringThe currency code for the total_posted_amount.
purchase_typeStringSpecifies whether the transaction was fuel only or mixed (fuel and non-fuel).
fuel_sale_amountDecimalThe total amount for only fuel purchased.
fuel_sale_amount_currency_codeStringThe currency code for the fuel_sale_amount.
fuel_unit_priceDecimalThe price per unit for fuel purchased.
fuel_unit_price_currency_codeStringThe currency code for the fuel_unit_price.
fuel_unit_of_measureStringThe unit of measure utilized for fuel purchased.
fuel_quantityDecimalThe quantity of fuel purchased.
fuel_typeStringContains the product code for fuel purchased.
odometer_readingNumberThe odometer reading if entered by the cardholder.
fleet_idStringAn alphanumeric value representing either a vehicle, driver, or generic ID if entered by the cardholder.

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