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Meet the new standard for a modern card platform. Launch your product, issue cards, and grow your revenue.

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A better way to launch a card product

Highnote’s issuer processor platform brings together everything you need to issue cards, support your customers, and stay compliant. From building your integration to operating at scale, Highnote streamlines the entire card issuance process.

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Merchant Name
Merchant Category
Merchant Code
Merchant Address
Merchant Description
Point of Service Category
PIN Entry Mode
PAN Entry Mode
Card Holder Present
Card Present
Terminal Attendance
Processing Type
Network Response Code
CVV Response Code
Receive rich transaction data via direct connections to the networks
Automate identity verification with powerful know-your-customer workflows
Enhance your product with virtual deposit accounts, digital wallets, and more
Funds on Hold
Refund Hold
Track funds movement and balances with the integrated ledger
Block CVV No Match
Block Airlines
Limit Spend $2000/mo
Block Transactions Over $500
Block Grocery Stores
Control and optimize authorizations with spend rules and velocity controls
Approve or decline each transaction based on your business logic with collaborative auth

Make it Your Own

Enjoy your new card!
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Put your brand in your customer’s hands. Highnote provides a white-label platform to build your unique brand experience. Manage the design of everything from your app or site, to cards, and mailers. Your brand comes through at every touchpoint.

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Infinitely Flexible Products

Quickly create custom and differentiated products tailored to your business. Say goodbye to pre-selected buckets, slow launch times, and the inability to extend your brand. Highnote has a product that can grow and adapt with your business needs.

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A modern stack for modern companies

Highnote’s GraphQL API and capabilities such as Notifications and SDKs enable your team to bring a card product to market quickly. The flexible platform allows your team to focus on customer and product experiences while we handle the rest.


Rapidly build flexible, production-ready, integrations with Highnote’s GraphQL API.

Notifications & Webhooks

Power your experience and customer communications with event subscriptions.

No-Code Dashboard

Manage and support from the Dashboard with visibility across your entire product.

"We have been growing fast, and so have the diverse payment preferences of our customers. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Highnote, who has demonstrated a similar speed at which they can get things done. With virtually issued cards, our customers can now navigate their software and infrastructure acquisitions with greater choice, unlocking a universe of possibilities to fuel their most innovative ideas."

Mark Ghermezian CEO

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Fast access to everything you need to launch your first card product.

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Grow Your Revenue. Grow Your Loyalty. Grow With Highnote.Grow Your Revenue. Grow Your Loyalty. Grow With Highnote.Grow Your Revenue. Grow Your Loyalty. Grow With Highnote.