Remodel Your Construction
Card Platform

Highnote is the platform to build the cutting-edge construction product your customers demand. Say goodbye to nightmares with low availability and limited data visibility. Upgrade to the platform fit for your business and ready to scale with you.

One Account,
Any Card Type

Construct and issue the right card for every situation. The Highnote platform has the flexibility to offer the card types your product needs and your customers demand.

Physical Cards

Keep jobsites moving and offer physical cards for mid-day big box store runs.

Fleet Cards

Gain insights from granular transaction data such as the quantity and type of fuel employees have purchased.

Purchase Type
Fuel Service Type
Fuel Price Per Gallon
Fuel Type
Fuel Quantity
Fuel Gross Amount
Odometer Reading
Tax Rate
Non-Fuel Gross Amount
Fleet Employee Number
Discount Amount

Single-Use Virtual Cards

Issue cards to enable detailed tracking and controls for individual purchases and clients.

Tokenized Cards for Digital Wallets

Provision cards from your app to Apple Wallet or Google Pay for in-person purchases without carrying a physical card.

Manage Spend
and Approvals

Highnote allows you to control spend both proactively and in real-time with rich transaction data and advanced authorization controls. View and approve your construction company's transactions as they happen, not at the end of the month.

Set rules for where a card can be used and time based budgets.

Approve or deny authorizations at the time of purchase with collaborative auth.

Move funds to a card on-demand when an authorization meets approval requirements.

Build detailed receipts and reporting from rich transaction details and ledger data.

Increase Platform Stability and Scalability

Highnote has created cutting-edge infrastructure with direct connections to the card networks for the most reliable transaction processing.

Leave the legacy stack for the platform built for the future.

Unmatched reliability and uptime ensure you deliver a reliable experience.

Leapfrog competitors built on outdated technology.

Payment Without
the Paperwork

Leave the paper trail behind and pay your vendors faster with virtual or physical cards. Send funds quickly with ACH transfers for invoices where cards aren’t accepted.

Leave Work at
the Jobsite

Highnote offers both charge and revolving credit cards issued to your business without the need for a personal guarantee. Extend lines of credit without impact to the cardholder's personal credit score.

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