New Standard
For a
Modern Card
With endless flexibility, breathtaking speed
and meticulous design, the Highnote platform unlocksyour card product’s full potential. It is the platform of choice for high-performing businesses to launchmarket-leading cards.
Highnote is the platform that removes barriers. The all-in-one solution simplifies card issuance and eliminates the need to stitch together multiple partners. Meet your customers where they are and deliver the right card medium for the optimum brand experience.

Physical Cards

Design both the look and feel of your cards and deliver a perfect brand experience.


Virtual Cards

Instantly issue virtual cards and create digital payments experiences with granular control.

Tokenized Cards

Provision cards to digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay for immediate access and contactless payments.


Financial Accounts

Powerful financial account structures enable quick transfers, detailed tracking and interoperability with external accounts.

Highnote is built in the pursuit of performance. With swift and steadfast transaction processing, Highnote is the partner you can trust. Unmatched API access to the authorization flow gives you full control and visibility of your transaction activity.

Rich Transaction Data

Detailed transaction payloads empower you to write advanced logic around authorization approvals.

Merchant Name
Merchant Category
Merchant Code
Merchant Address
Merchant Description
Point of Service Category
PIN Entry Mode
PAN Entry Mode
Card Holder Present
Card Present
Terminal Attendance
Processing Type
Network Response Code
CVV Response Code

Authorization Controls

Control and optimize spend on your cards with detailed velocity and spend controls.

Block CVV No Match
Block Airlines
Limit Spend $2000/mo
Block Transactions Over $500
Block Grocery Stores

Collab Authorization

Enter the authorization flow and approve and deny transactions in real-time with collabortive auth.

Connect External Accounts

Instantly verify external bank accounts via Plaid and Finicity and move funds without micro-deposits.

A new control center for productivity and management. Highnote gets everyone in your organization what they need without friction. Customer service, finance, developers, designers and administrators - all collaborating in one platform.

No-Code Dashboard

Manage and support your product with a full-featured, no-code dashboard.



Our API driven ledger provides full visibility into all funds movements and detailed tracking of activity.

Funds on Hold
Refund Hold

Business Operations

Invite your team to your Highnote account and collaborate on maximizing your product's performance.


Card Shipping

Ship and track physical card orders with detailed updates and notifications to pass to your customers.

Level Up
Highnote is designed with the practices and processes that distinguish world-class platforms from the rest: relentless focus, fast execution, and a commitment to the quality of craft. It’s a card platform built for card products of the future.


Build highly-performant integrations with Highnote's GraphQL API that minimizes requests and maximizes experience.

Notifications & Webhooks

Power your experience and customer communications with event subscriptions.

Your application is approved!
Your card is on the way!
Your transaction was successful.

World-Class Documentation

Our Documentation isn’t just words, it’s an experience. Instantly learn and run code from the documentation without setting up your client.


White-Label Platform

Control the entire end-to-end experience with white label APIs, cards and mailers. Highnote allows your brand to be the star.

When it comes to security, Highnote has everything you expect and so much more. Enterprise-grade security with state of the art encryption and so much more. Everything in the Highnote platform is designed to keep your data safe and secure.

Vault Storage

Highnote securely stores and encrypts all cardholder data to keep you safe.

Automate Identity Verification

Powerful and automated Know-Your-Customer and Know-Your-Business right out of the box.

Scalability & Stability

Cloud native infrastructure with direct connections to the card networks. Scale with ease as you grow and extend your services.

Clear Compliance

Highnote meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business.


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