Highnote Product Spotlight: Collaborative Authorization, Level 2 Data, and Design Guidelines Update

Jan 31, 2023
Highnote Team

The Highnote team has fully demonstrated our core value of executional excellence and launched nearly a dozen customers last year while adding new features to our platform. Check out some of our feature highlights:

Collaborative Authorization for Partial Amount

Collaborative Authorization empowers you to approve or decline each transaction in real time based on your business logic. Now we have added the ability for you to pass back a partial amount alongside your response within the Collaborative Authorization transaction flow. This allows approval to be sent to the merchant for an amount that may be lower than the requested amount in the authorization. Read our API to learn more.

Level 2 Transaction data

Highnote’s Fleet Card Product allows fleet owners and operators to issue payment cards funded from a financial account held by a business. Companies and public sector organizations can use our fleet cards to purchase fuel and vehicle maintenance-related services. Our GraphQL API now provides access to Visa Fleet Level 2 data captured at the point of sale and sent with each transaction. The Level 2 data is sent with clearing records and offers much more insights about your spending, including fuel type and quantity. With findings from your Level 2 data, you can design different promotional or rewards programs. Read our API to learn more.

Design Guidelines for Physical Cards

At Highnote, we offer everything from traditional physical cards to virtual cards you can view on the website and tokenized cards for digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet. We’ve updated our Physical Card design guide to help teams with best practices for designing cards. The guide includes dos and don’ts and templates specific to Mastercard and Visa with embedded instructions in the file. Read our guidelines for physical card design.

Interested in learning more about our products? Read our API docs here.

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