Highnote Product Spotlight: Simulate Transactions, MCC Expansion, and Sole Proprietorship Onboarding

Oct 20, 2022
Highnote Team

At Highnote, one of our core values is executional excellence. While we have built the world’s most modern issuer processor and program management platform, our team continues to develop new features and capabilities to enable innovators to differentiate. Check out some of our feature highlights:

Simulate Fleet Transactions: Fleet Card Products have their own unique elements not found in other card products. Fleet transactions can require more interaction from the Account Holder, additional data from the merchant's point of sale, more complicated authorization flows, and enhanced data processing during clearing and settlement. Highnote now provides a rich set of operations that allow you to simulate transactions and ensure your integration is ready for production. Learn more here.

Merchant Category Code Expansion: Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) are used to categorize, track and restrict transactions. We have been expanding our MCCs so that you can simulate and apply Spend Rules to a broader list of merchants. Check out our MCCs here.

Sole Proprietorship Onboarding Workflow Update: We understand that there’s a need to separately manage the onboarding experience for business entities that qualify as Sole Proprietors, since many of them may not have a registered Employer Identification Number (EIN). We have created a new onboarding workflow that allows you to onboard Sole Proprietorships with more efficiency. Learn more about the new onboarding workflow here.

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