Highnote Unlocks New Cardholder Experiences With Card Profiles

Jan 8, 2024
Jillian Smith

Highnote was built with a vision to unleash the creativity of innovative companies. This ethos drives our product development, ensuring that flexibility and differentiation are at the core of our platform. Today, we’re proud to announce we’ve released yet another feature that enables inspired product offerings: Card Profiles. Now, with Card Profiles, our customers can effortlessly manage complex card product use cases while maintaining greater control over the look, feel, and behavior of each card they issue.

Typically, a card issuer will only maintain a one-to-one relationship between a card product, the BIN, and its payment cards' physical, digital, and virtual configurations. Highnote’s Card Profiles break this mold, offering a much more personalized experience for customers that sets them apart from the competition. The extensibility provided by Card Profiles eliminates unnecessary friction for customers when launching co-brands, for instance, while also providing card behavior flexibility.

With Card Profiles, Highnote customers can now support the following features:

  • Issue cards across multiple BIN types to maximize efficiency, such as allowing customers to track their transactions separately using dedicated BINs for specific customers.

  • Manage multiple sets of assets, such as logos and brand colors, for co-brand partnerships.

  • Offer premium card experiences to different segments of customers, such as metal cards issued only to certain premium cardholders.

  • Implement multiple card behavior configurations, such as fleet-specific prompts and purchase restrictions, for each customer (specific to certain verticals.)

Card Profiles result from extensive customer feedback and a commitment to our core value of customer obsession. Our customers told us they were limited in their ability to offer a program with different types of card art and the ability to support multiple use cases – a restriction present in many card-issuing platforms. Serving as a partner to some of the most boundary-pushing fintechs in the industry today means constantly innovating to ensure their needs are met and exceeded – and with Card Profiles, we've done just that.

For example, consider a Highnote customer who offers a program for construction companies. With Card Profiles, that customer can support separate BINs for their fleet customers to facilitate detailed transaction tracking. In addition, they can even offer premium metal cards for specific customer segments – all in one program. As another example, a Highnote customer that provides an accounts payable (AP) invoice product also benefits from Card Profiles. Now, this customer can support cards on both Visa and Mastercard payment rails instead of being forced to choose one – something most platforms can’t support today.

Card Profiles empowers our customers to craft tailored card offerings that resonate with the unique needs of their target audience. Such precision sets our customers apart in a highly competitive landscape, offering a distinct advantage in delivering unparalleled cardholder experiences. This feature update is the latest in a continuous journey to create the most powerful advancements in card management our customers can access today. With Card Profiles, we invite you to unlock a new dimension in cardholder experiences while impactfully elevating and extending your brand.

Talk to us today to find out how we can do that for you.

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