Highnote Product Spotlight: New Auth Controls, Digital Wallets for Visa, Dashboard Updates, and More

Mar 30, 2023
Highnote Team

It’s another month and our team has exciting new feature updates to share with you including new Auth Controls using a Count Spend Rule, digital wallets for Visa, dashboard updates with a billing statement, and updated Collaborative Authorization that provides more details on your requests. Check out some of our feature highlights below:

Count Spend Rule

We recently released the Count Spend Rule, which sets the maximum number of transactions an Account Holder can authorize within a given timeframe. This allows you to control the velocity of authorizations based on the number of transactions a customer made within a timeframe to help mitigate risk. Read our API docs to learn more.

Digital Wallets for Visa

With our new certification with Visa’s Token Services (VTS), Highnote customers now can add their Visa cards, in addition to Mastercard cards, into their digital wallets including Apple Pay and Google Pay. View Visa digital wallet guidelines here.

Dashboard Billing Statement Updates

Providing your customers with billing statements is recommended whenever your product assesses fees and may be required for certain products. Highnote provides the data necessary to create a statement, which you can leverage to populate your statement template.

We have updated our dashboard’s Financial Account page with billing statements. You can find information including the due date, balance due, and the associated transactions in the billing period for a Financial Account. This will allow your teams to view the data associated with the Statement and better serve Account Holders when they have inquiries. Learn more here.

Updates to Collaborative Authorization Details

Collaborative Authorization empowers users to approve or decline each transaction in real time based on your business logic. With our recent update, you can now pull response details from Highnote’s API, including response code and authorization amount. This feature update allows you to better understand your transaction flows by confirming which response code you sent and the amount you approved. Read our API Docs to learn more.

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